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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?


In wintertime, it becomes challenging to drive on icy and slippery surfaces. In addition, frequent snowfall hinders visibility while driving. Therefore, you must opt for the necessary checks to make your vehicle winter ready.

Visit Manchester Breakdown Services Limited to ensure your vehicle is winter ready. We offer a comprehensive winter check Manchester service to ensure maximum driving safety in the harshest winters.

What does our car winter check Manchester include?

Our team of well-versed technicians conduct the following checks with state-of-the-art equipment according to the EU regulations.


    It is advisable to switch to season-specific tyres to curb the risks associated with hydroplaning. Our experts examine if the tread depth is above 4mm or not. In case of uneven tread depth, we suggest replacements.

    Antifreeze and coolant

    Inaccurate antifreeze levels hamper the performance of your vehicle’s engine. To avoid an unpleasant experience, the antifreeze to water ratio must be 1:1. If not, we will top it up.

    Engine oil

    Our experts recommend using engine oil according to your car type that can significantly tackle extreme weather conditions.


    As your car battery drains out rapidly in winters, you must get it checked beforehand. Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead battery is certainly not what you desire.

    We diagnose the discharge levels and recharge if required to ensure zero failures.


    Your vehicle’s braking system, in top-notch condition, enables superior traction and guarantees maximum on-road driving safety. If you encounter any difficulties while exerting pressure on the brake pedal, it calls for an immediate examination.

    Windscreen and wiper blades

    This one is another crucial car winter check Manchester we offer. To ensure you do not face visual trouble while driving during snowfall, we run a thorough inspection of your car’s windscreen and wiper blades and recommend replacement if necessary.

    Electrical components

    We have included this in our vehicle services Manchester checklist to lessen any probable hazards during dark winters. Our professionals check all the car lights- front and rear, indicators, etc. and replace them instantly with OE-grade spares with your consent.

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