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You may have certain questions regarding a tyre’s size before you buy car tyres Manchester.

Experts at Manchester Breakdown Services Limited are available to answer all of them. We stock an impressive collection of car tyres Manchester from world famous brands in all variants and sizes.

What is tyre size?

Tyre size refers to a unique combination of alphanumeric codes. It is imprinted on a tyre’s sidewall and also on the fuel cap.

    Let’s understand the parameters below:

    Tyre width

    The first three digits you see indicate a tyre’s width in millimetres.

    Aspect ratio

    The set of the next two numbers represents the profile or aspect ratio in percentage, which is its height from the base of the tread to the rim.

    Please note: Lower profile tyres have smaller aspect ratio percentages.


    Denoted by R, it implies that this tyre has radial ply construction. You will rarely find units that have B and D imprinted on them. Those refer to bias belt and diagonal-cross ply, respectively.

    Wheel diameter

    After the letter R, you will see a set of two numbers that inform the size of the wheel rims measured in inches.

    Load index

    Followed by the wheel diameter, you will see another set of two numbers which indicates the maximum load that a tyre can withstand when properly inflated.

    Speed rating

    It indicates the optimal speed that a tyre can safely sustain over time. This is often denoted by various alphabets referring to different speed limits. Those are- ‘H’, ‘S’, ‘R’, ‘V’, ‘P’, ‘Q’, etc.

    Take a look at the following example:

    Suppose you have purchased new car tyres Manchester with the tyre size 195/55 R16 87V. This signifies-

  • 195 is the measurement from the tyre’s inner sidewall to its outer sidewall in millimetres.
  • 55 is the profile or aspect ratio in percentage.
  • R stands for the radial construction of the model.
  • 16 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.
  • For load index 87, the highest load capacity of this variant is 545 kg.
  • V refers to the speed rating of the tyre that is 148 miles per hour.
  • An incorrect tyre size consumes more fuel. It can also cause steering issues. Therefore, to find out an ideal tyre size for your vehicle, visit our website. Simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and determine the tyre size that fits best.

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