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Churchill Tyres

    Churchill develops high-quality mid-range tyres using a manufacturing processes similar to premium tyre brands. The brand originally crafts its tyres in Vietnam and China. The equipment and technology used in these tyres come from various locations across the globe. The machinery used during the manufacturing process are made in Japan, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.

    Needless to say, these tyres are of excellent quality and offer reliable handling performance. If you wish to buy Churchill tyres Manchester, turn to Manchester Breakdown Services Limited. You can contact us through:

    Address - 1-3 Kay St, Manchester M11 2DX

    Email - contact@manchesterbreakdown.co.uk

    Phone - 0161 273 2000

    We stock an extensive collection of Churchill car tyres Manchester in our inventory. You will find several variants of these tyres at our facility. We also offer online tyre booking and 24-hour mobile tyre fitting services for your convenience.

    Our most popular Churchill car tyres Manchester

    Churchill RCB007

    The RCB007 variant from Churchill is composed of specially formulated compounds that are eco-friendly in nature, long-lasting and deliver superb fuel efficiency. There are three wide tread grooves in this tyre, along with wave-like sipes, which helps in the efficient drainage of water. This, in turn, enhances grip on wet surfaces and improves driving safety.

    The solid shoulder blocks and a pair of centre ribs ensure excellent handling by maintaining stable contact with the surface.

    Churchill GRB007

    This is ideal for pick-ups, SUVs and 4x4s. The Churchill GRB007 offers outstanding longevity and generates less noise.

    The wide grooves on this tyre provide superb grip on wet surfaces. There is a ladder-like structure present at the bottom of the grooves, which links the blocks on both sides. This design enhances handling, boosts tread strength and reduces stone retention efficiently.

    Churchill CSB007

    The CSB007 variant from the house of Churchill features a uniquely designed tread pattern suited for vans, minibuses and commercial light trucks. This pattern provides outstanding durability at high speeds and excellent handling on wet roads.

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