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Established in 1931, Bridgestone is one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies. With outlets in more than 100 countries, Bridgestone is popular in the UK too. Every Bridgestone tyre Manchester is a mix of quality, performance and durability at its best.

If you are planning to buy Bridgestone tyres Manchester, you want nothing but the best. Manchester Breakdown Services Limited delivers exactly that.

You can also buy Bridgestone tyres Manchester online from our website. Simply enter your vehicle’s registration number and choose Bridgestone in the brand section. You will get a list of tyres to browse from.

Alternatively, you can also buy these tyres offline from our garage at Manchester Breakdown Services Limited, 1-3 Kay St, Manchester M11 2DX. Here, our experts will help you select the right tyre based on your needs and car specifications. As standard practice, we perform wheel balancing to ensure quality and safety after every fitment session.

Take a look at some popular Bridgestone tyres Manchester in our collection-


This variant offers better braking and handling performance on both dry and wet roads due to its high lug grooves. A rigid central rib also effectively evacuates water from the tread path making it aquaplaning resistant.


Made with a soft multicellular compound, this variant offers excellent control on roads covered with black ice. 2D and 3D sipes also reduce braking distance on dry and wet surfaces by biting into the ground to create traction.


This variant offers year-long usage and lower rolling resistance, increasing the fuel economy of the tyre.

We also have other variants like 4x4, high performance and run-flats for you to choose from.

Here is a list of our best-selling Bridgestone tyres Manchester:

  • ECOPIA EP422
  • DUELER H/T 687

With so many options, you can end your tyres near me search with Manchester Breakdown Services Limited. For more information, call us on 0161 273 2000.

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