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Pirelli Tyres

    Pirelli is an Italian manufacturer with a rich motorsport history. Pirelli came to the fore when Manuel Fangio and Jean Behra won the world’s most famous endurance test with a Maserati 450S on Pirelli tyres. Currently, Pirelli is one of the revered manufacturers, supplying tyres to GT championships in several counties, including Germany, Italy, Britain, Australia, China, etc.

    Pirelli tyres Manchester is a top preference due to their uncompromised vehicle control and handling in every road condition. Therefore, head over to Manchester Breakdown Services Limited at 1-3 Kay St, Manchester M11 2DX if you are looking for Pirelli tyres Manchester.

    Manchester Breakdown Services Limited is a reputable tyre dealer of Pirelli tyres Manchester. We stock tyres for every driving requirement to cater to diverse customer needs. If you need any assistance, you can take the help of our experts before finalising your choice.

    We are now online! Now you can buy Pirelli tyres Manchester online from our website. Please enter your car registration number or tyre size details in our tyre finder tool and browse through the options before finalising your purchase.

    Types of Pirelli tyres


    Pirelli’s summer tyres come with unbeatable heat build-up resistance attributes. They are made of a harder rubber compound with excellent braking performance, delivering improved tyre service life.

  • Winter

    Winter tyres from Pirelli are manufactured with a soft rubber compound and dense 3D sipes, enabling these tyres with superlative wet track performance. Moreover, these tyres feature enhanced ability to combat hydroplaning risks effectively even in challenging conditions.

  • All-season

    An ideal choice for people looking to buy car tyres Manchester to drive throughout the year in moderate conditions, Pirelli all-season tyres offer unmatched control and grip in dry and wet conditions in temperatures above 7oC.

  • 4x4

    This is a top preference for off-roading enthusiasts. These tyres feature a robust tyre carcass and a strong centre rib that enables uncompromised load-bearing ability in both on-and off-road conditions.

  • Performance

    Performance tyres are apt for high-performance cars. These tyres are specially designed to deliver top-notch car control and handling even at high speeds. Further, they come with a specialised rubber that prevents overheating, reducing blowout risks.

  • Run-flat

    These tyres enhance on-road driving safety, as these can continue to perform optimally at speeds up to 50 mph for distances up to 50 miles, even after a puncture or a blowout.

  • P ZERO™
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