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    Continental’s journey began as a rubber manufacturer in 1871, but their vehicle tyre production started in 1898. Moreover, Continental was the first company to create grooved car tyres in 1904. Starting its journey in Germany, Continental is now a global brand, with manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.

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    Buying car tyres Manchester is now easier than ever with our hassle-free online service. Select a tyre from our vast inventory, as per your requirements, and complete your purchase.

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    Hard compound and shallow tread depth make summer tyres perfect for temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. This variant is ideal for the hot summers and can work brilliantly on both dry and wet surfaces.

  • Notable mention: PremiumContact™ 6
  • Winter

    The winter season brings a set of different challenges for the drivers, and having a purpose-built tyre for the season can help. Continental car tyres Manchester uses soft compound and higher tread depth to tackle the slippery roads and low temperature.

  • Notable mention: ContiWinterContact™ TS 850
  • All-season

    To avoid the hassle of changing tyres every season, it is ideal to opt for all-season tyres. These Continental car tyres Manchester are purpose-built to provide equal performance output, irrespective of the season. Furthermore, this particular variant uses a tailor-made compound, and its architecture is more balanced.

  • Notable mention: AllSeasonContact™
  • Performance variant

    This particular variant focuses on extracting the maximum performance of your vehicle. Tyres like these keep your vehicle stable during higher speeds and provide optimum braking performance.

  • Notable mention: PremiumContact™ 6
  • 4X4 variant

    4X4 tyres are purpose-built for off-road usage. The large tread blocks and deeper grooves ensure better grip on sand, mud and gravel

  • Notable mention: Conti4x4Contact
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