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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


The wheels of a vehicle lose their balance over time. Factors concerning the road conditions, tread wear and inappropriate weight distribution of your car lead to uneven and premature tyre wear. All these significantly cause odd vibrations in the steering while driving.

Therefore, experts suggest opting for wheel balancing services every 12 months to ensure optimal driving safety and comfort.

So if you are in need to get car wheel balancing Manchester done, get in touch with us.

Manchester Breakdown Services Limited is a leading car workshop, offering value-for-money services of wheel balancing Manchester for all major makes and models of vehicles.

What are the causes of wheel imbalance?

Wheel imbalance can happen due to the following reasons:

  • Prolonged driving with uneven tyres
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Driving over a speed bump or a pothole
  • Frequently driving through rough surfaces
  • Incorrect tyre pressure, etc.

How unbalanced wheels affect a vehicle’s performance?

Odd vibrations in the steering wheel

Even a half an ounce of difference in the weight distribution on the wheels can cause a noticeable vibration in the steering.

Reduced vehicle responsiveness

Wheel imbalances are responsible for uncomfortable driving, making steering difficult and delaying the response time. This can result in unavoidable road accidents.

Poor fuel efficiency

Unbalanced wheels exert more pressure on the suspension system to keep the vehicle in motion. For this, the engine demands more fuel to sustain operations.

Uneven wearing of suspension components

The shocks, springs, bearings, and other components wear and tear quickly due to abnormal stress caused by unbalanced wheels.

Therefore, it is imperative to opt for professional services of wheel balancing Manchester from a reliable garage like ours.

How do we conduct car wheel balancing?

As a prominent wheel balancing garage Manchester, our highly skilled mechanics conduct the procedure with precision. Our professionals use the latest equipment to conduct precise wheel balancing checks on vehicles of different makes and models.

We start the process by unmounting the unbalanced wheels from your car and place them over a balancer machine with a horizontal axel. The heaviest part of the rim begins to rotate to the bottom. Once we get the result, we rectify the weight disparity and balance it per the manufacturer specifications.

Why choose us?

We are certain that we can end your search for a reliable ‘wheel balancing garage near me’. Our expert technicians perform wheel balancing with the latest machinery to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

You can book our service online just by providing your vehicle’s registration number. Drive in at Manchester Breakdown Services Limited, 1-3 Kay St, Manchester M11 2DX.

Call us on 0161 273 2000 for more information. Feel free to email at contact@manchesterbreakdown.co.uk for further assistance.

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